180619 Libby and Jason180907 Trina and Dean180907 Trina and Dean YVPUW180908 Hannah and Anthony181005 Kareen and Jordan181013 Siobhan and Glayd181013 Siobhan and Glayd YVPUW181117 Nikki and Shaun181201 Laura and Rhys190119 Ash and Shaun190119 Ash and Shaun YVPUW190119a Ash and Shaun190216 Cathryn and Lewis190216 Cathryn and Lewis YVPUW190315 Toni and Kyle190315 Toni and Kyle YVPUW190316 Leanne and Andrew190316 Leanne and Andrew YVPUW190406 Steph and Dylan190413 Kathryn and Ben190629 Chantel and Kyle190629 Chantel and Kyle YVPUW190629 Shantel and Kyle190719 Courtney and Brian190921 Mary and Kelvin190921 Mary and Kelvin YVPUW191005 Danielle and James YVPUW191005 Dannielle and James191012 Jo and Darren191026 Nicole and Ben191026 Nicole and Ben191103 Jane and Matt191103 Jane and Matt YVPUW191116 Allan and Angela191123 Bec and Rory191207 Julie and Troy191207 Julie and Troy YVPUW191215 Amanda and Brendan191215 Amanda and Brendan YVPUW191219 Christine and Mitchel YVPUW191219 Christine and Mitchell191221 Katrina and Gavin191221 Katrina and Gavin YVPUW200111 Katie and Matt200119 Emma and Andrew200201 Alissa and Fabian200201 Alissa and Fabian YVPUW200202 Charlotte and Joe200208 Michael and Brooke200215 Meg and Glen200215 Meg and Glen YVPUW200223 Tim and Cort200301 Alison and Carl200301 Alison and Carl YVPUW200307 Narelle and Peter200516 Lisa and Dylan200516 Lisa and Dylan YVPUW200613 Jacki and Jarrod201205 Joel and Jenny201212 Tom and Angie201219 Geoff and Ashleigh210116 Nicole and Rob210123 Stacey and Paul210202 Zara and Nathan210227 Tom and Audrey210227 Tom and Audrey YVPOW210306 Rita and Michael210313 Mia and Anthony210313 Mia and Anthony YVPUW210321 Nadine and  Steve YVPUW210321 Nadine and Steve210409 Mina and Adam210410 Lisa and Josh210417 Kristy and Gary210424 Georgia and Jack210424 Georgia and Jack YVPUW210501 Lupa and Peter210501 Lupa and Peter YVPUW211112 Mitchell and Nicole211112 Mitchell and Nicole YVPUW211113 Darren and Andrea211113 Darren and Andrea YVPUW